Restraint tactics assaultive inmate escort

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Make PoliceOne your homepage. I assume that the prisoner is restrained with his hands handcuffed behind the back, or in front but attached to the body with some sort of transport belt. This is an assumption because the prisoner may not be restrained or may have escaped from his restraints by slipping them, picking them, or breaking them. The bottom line is that you have a prisoner who, for all practical purposes, is like an animal backed into his cave who is very dangerous — unless the prisoner is in a full restraint like the WRAP Restraint. Since you are going to have to place your hands, arms, and other body parts into the prisoner "cave," the better equipped you are and the safer you will be. I remember one violent subject who came into our jail from another facility who was met by a fully suited CERT Team complete with riot gear, helmets, protective gas masks, stab resistant gloves with a full complement of restraint equipment including a RIPP Restraint Backboard with accompanying spit net and gurney.

Tips for transporting combative/non-compliant suspects

Restraint tactics assaultive inmate escort

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Restraint tactics assaultive inmate escort

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