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The following extract from Laurie Penny' s Bitch Doctrine is from news. Polyamory- if you believe the newspapers - is the hot new lifestyle option for affectless hipsters with alarming haircuts, or a sex cult, or both. A wave of trend articles and documentaries has thrown new light on the practice, also known as 'ethical non-monogamy', a technical term for any arrangement in which you're allowed to date and snuggle and sleep with whomever you want, as long as everyone involved is happy. Sleeping around is all well and good, but do we have to talk about it? Have we no shame? What's wrong, after all, with good old-fashioned adultery?
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Is polyamory on the rise?

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A Handy Guide to Navigating the Endless Rules of Polyamory - VICE

Interest in polyamorous lifestyles may go beyond mere titillation, says an Auckland intimacy counsellor, as more people express an openness to define their own sexuality and sexual behaviours outside of traditional norms. Angela Rennie, 43, has been offering specialist sex and intimacy counselling from her Mount Eden practice for the past seven years. She says her anecdotal experience of talking to clients suggests traditional relationship paradigms are being challenged, revised and even replaced altogether, with more interest in polyamory, where more than one partner is in an intimate relationship with the consent of all involved. I have seen many couples live this lifestyle in healthy ways, remaining deeply connected. Past census questions have steered clear of the New Zealand public's sexual orientations and have not determined to what extent people have migrated away from traditional relationships. Stats NZ says it aims to include these topics in all future social surveys and in the Census. The 'free love' idealism of the hippie movement in the s and '70s encompassed elements of negotiated non-monogamy as part of an alternative way of communal living, unshackled from the consumerism and possessive individualism of Western capitalist societies.
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What Online Dating Is Like When You’re Poly

Don't be a dick is one of them. This means that if any of us chooses to engage in physical activity with a person outside the group, or decides to pursue a relationship outside the current structure, we do so with the greatest possible respect for everyone else and their feelings. Is polyamory the answer to my boredom?
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Polyamory has existed, in one form or another, across time and place — monogamy and the nuclear family partially developed in response to the capitalist system — but a modern, more annoying kind now plagues the dating apps of British cities. All of my own brushes with non-monogamy have been a far cry from the utopian ideals many of its proponents claim it represents, and poly people are, with the best will in the world, kind of insufferable. For example, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, the two least cool people in living existence, have an open marriage. Why would you settle for that? The point is:

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