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A voice cries out in pain and fear. Close your eyes; you can hear it. You descend from the skies towards the ground, arriving just in time to see a young woman brutally slain. Instead of investigating, or taking revenge on her behalf, you simply do your duty: Now, she joins the fighting - to stave off an inevitable Armageddon.
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Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume review

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Inspired by Norse mythology , Valkyrie Profile follows the titular valkyrie , Lenneth, as she travels through Midgard , collecting the souls of slain heroes to serve either as einherjar or her personal companions for Ragnarok - the battle to decide the fate of all creation - and trains them by fighting monsters and performing additional quests. As she journeys, she learns more about her original human life, removed from her memory upon becoming a Valkyrie. The game was both a commercial and critical success; it sold over , copies, and critics praised the deep and complicated gameplay system and the plot. Valkyrie Profile sparked an enhanced port of the game, which was released for the PlayStation Portable in under the name Valkyrie Profile: It also led to two other games in the Valkyrie Profile series: Silmeria , released in in Japan and North America and in Europe, and another prequel titled Valkyrie Profile: Dungeon exploration plays more like a platform game than a traditional role-playing video game , with Lenneth Valkyrie the only visible character and capable of jumping, sliding, swinging her sword, and shooting ice crystals.

Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin

Sign in. Linda Hamilton has come a long way with Sarah Connor, from the original film to Terminator: Dark Fate. Watch now. Valkyrie Profile 2:
If there were dieticians for videogame consoles, their diagnosis for the DS would be, "you're very healthy, but I think you should cut down on the RPGs. It seems like you have one every week and half the time they're just remakes filled with empty calories. Covenant of the Plume. This strategy RPG spin-off of the cult series gets too much right for us to stop now. Firstly, the story has a great twist, as Plume doesn't focus on VP star Lenneth, but on someone out to kill her.

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