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Coochie - definition of Coochie by The Free Dictionary https: Anatomy a. The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals. Anatomy the moist canal in most female mammals, including humans, that extends from the cervix of the uterus to an external opening between the labia minora. Anatomy anatomy biology any sheath or sheathlike structure, such as a leaf base that encloses a stem. Biology anatomy biology any sheath or sheathlike structure, such as a leaf base that encloses a stem.
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Definition of coochie

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Coochie dictionary definition | coochie defined

In the uppermost part, the cervix divides the vagina into four small vaulted cavities, called fornices: The bladder and urethra are adjacent to the anterior wall of the vagina, and the rectum is behind the posterior wall. The cavity of the vagina is a potential space; the walls are usually in contact with each other. Close to the cervix uteri the walls form a horizontal crescent shape, at the midpoint an H shape, and close to the vulva the shape of a vertical slit. The vaginal mucosa is stratified squamous epithelium that is very resistant to bacterial colonization. This lining is in folds called rugae, and the connective tissue external to it also permits stretching.
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Christine Bronstein: Archive And Mike, darling, never use the words " coochie " and "funky" in the same sentence if you want to get laid again. TVgasm Recaps. For no apparently good reason, she told me that she hates the word " coochie " just as much as she hates the word cunt, maybe more.
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Word in Definition. Wiktionary 4. How to pronounce Coochie? Alex US English. Daniel British.

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