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Verwandte Seiten ansehen. Cambridge Assessment English is committed to a policy of open and equal opportunity for all, and this includes making the information contained in our websites accessible to as many internet users as we can. We hope that the accessibility and usability levels of our sites are already good, but in order to make more certain of this we are actively working towards compliance with the main website accessibility standards as defined in version 2. For PDF files: For MP3 files: Most modern computers will have a media player already installed.

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You could also think of accessibility as treating everyone the same, and giving them the same opportunities, no matter what their ability or circumstances. In the same way that it is not right to exclude someone from a physical building because they are in a wheelchair public buildings generally have wheelchair ramps or elevators these days , it is also not right to exclude someone from a website because they have a visual impairment. We are all different, but we are all human, and therefore have the same human rights. Accessibility is the right thing to do, but it is also part of the law in some countries, and it can open up some significant markets that otherwise wouldn't be able to use your services, buy your products, etc. People with disabilities are just as diverse as people without disabilities, and so are their disabilities. The key lesson here is to think beyond your own computer and how you use the web, and start learning about how others use it — you are not your users.

barrierefreiheit testen online dating

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